The tintype portraits of teenage siblings is a serie of wet plates Hans de Kort makes of brothers and sisters and their close relationship. What fascinates me: friends are chosen, family is not. Especially teenagers have a wonderful way of dealing with each other. Sometimes there is sibling rivalry, the next moment there is unconditional love. The tintype portrait process ensures them to work together because they have to stand still for at least 5 seconds. When the siblings enter the darkroom they will experience the development process, seeing the image appear, guarantees that they will never forget this moment.

Platinum palladium prints available at the gallery

Lila & Bo


Special edition of 6 platinum palladium prints (+ 2 Artist Proofs) Signed and numbered by Hans de Kort Print at the original tintype 16″ x  20″ size on 20″ x 24″ Arches Platine, 310gsm Prints are floating in a dark wenge frame, 3,5 x 53 x 63 cm,  museum glass 70% UV resistant Prints are…

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