Hans de Kort (1963) captured more than a hundred colleagues on wet plates for his project ” My Generation Dutch Photographers “. All of them his peers who started with analogue photography. De Kort has returned to the origins of writing with light, the wet plate collodion process. With this technique he goes back to the handicraft process, a logical continuation to the polaroid, which he has a preference for. With his 16”x20” technical camera he illuminates metal plates which are prepared with light sensitive collodion. He makes one or two plates from each portrait. ‘It’s fascinating to have everything under control from beginning to end; from mixing the chemicals to varnishing the plates.

The unusually long exposure times requires absolute attention. This does not only apply to the photographer but also to the sitter. After the illumination of their plate the portrayed colleagues enter the dark room with de Kort, then they reminice about stories from the past. This creates a bond and is also what makes this series so special. My Generation Dutch Photographers. The audience experiences this intimacy between the photographers in front of and behind the camera. The composition is as simple as possible, without any distractions. The focus is on the eyes. This requires great concentration and creativity. This way a fascinating game of light and dark is created. Hereby the portraits gain an unprecedented and impressive impact. Each portrait is unique, straight forward without any retouch. One of a Kind.

1st Prize Silver Camera Art, Culture and Entertainment (series) ‘My Generation’ awarded by King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands.

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