The last of the Photographers?

This project is a document that explores the future of photography, 1000 photographers will be portrayed over a period of 10 years, starting in 2023, 100 per year. The aim is to cover a wide range of aspects of photography, focusing on different genres and applications.

Stories are told by 1000 photographers with different backgrounds and specializations. They are portrayed, with an emphasis on their creative processes, challenges and inspiration.
The consequences of technological developments in photography are also examined, such as the shift from analogue to digital photography and the rise of AI technologies. This will delve deeper into the way photographers work and practice their craft and art in the digital age and what the impact of AI is on the creative process.

In addition, the social consequences of these developments are mapped out. The changing role of photography in advertising, fashion, art, journalism and documentary and its impact on society is examined.

The photographers are visited on location to show the diversity of photography practice, including studios, streets, events and other relevant places.

The aim is to paint a comprehensive and fascinating picture of the future of photography, focusing on artistic, technological and social aspects. The audience will be inspired, informed and gain a deeper insight into the evolving world of photography.

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