Commissioned Tintype or Ambrotype Portrait


My skylight studio is the perfect location to make you a commissioned unique handcrafted wet plate portrait, made of silver on glass (ambrotype) or metal (tintype). When you are interested in a timeless, unique portrait, from your children, grandfather, girlfriend, mother etc. The sitter will be portrayed with a brass petzval lens and will make a 170 years back in time travel, as in 1851. Book your session!  


Historic Process

Collodion photography is one the earliest photographic processes, that produces unique handmade plates. Many consider the wet plate process to be the Polaroid of the 19th century because it was ready almost immediately. The process is sensitive only to blue and ultraviolet light, so warm colours appear dark, cool colours light. A tintype is a mirrored photo, consider not wearing clothes with texts. The plate is poured with collodion and placed in a silver bath so that it becomes light sensitive. The sitter takes place in front of the wooden camera. The exposure time is approximately 10 seconds so the portrayed is supported with a headrest to stay still. We will go back into the darkroom to develop and fix your portrait, the magical moment. After drying, the plate is varnished with shellac, which has a lavender smell, and the plate is framed to take home.

Commissioned Tintype Portrait for Daphne Wageman, on metal it is a tintype on glass an ambrotype, made by Hans de Kort
Daphne showing her commissioned 40×50 cm tintype portrait

Durability of a Tintype or Ambrotype

The session will take us about half a day or more. An unforgettable experience that you will never forget! After the sitting you leave the studio with a contemporary framed pure silver portrait. I use the same chemical recipes as used in 1851 and which have proven their durability, so I can guarantee you that the created portrait will last at least 170 years and probably much longer.

A gift voucher is available to give as a present. You can contact me for your commissioned one of a kind tintype or ambrotype portrait. You are always welcome to call or visit me at my daylight studio, in Hilversum half an hour drive, or 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam.

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Additional information

tintype / ambrotype

tintype, black glass ambrotype