Remake of Felix Nadar’s 3D Selfie

Here’s a revolving self-portrait created back in 1865 by French photographer Félix Nadar (real name Gaspard-Félix Tournachon). Nadar was the first person in history to take aerial photographs (he was a balloonist) and was one of the pioneers of artificial lighting (he photographed in the catacombs of Paris).

Nadar also created an impressive collection of portraits of famous individuals during his time. You can find a collection of his images over on the Wikimedia Commons.

I tried to make a 3D selfie myself




Charles de Kort

Amsterdam, 20.12.15
16″x20″ ferrotype

movie by Vincent Kruijt

Vincent Kruijt:

Monday I was invited by Hans de Kort.

For the second time I was photographed in his series:
’16″x20″ wet plate portraits my generation dutch photographers with an analogue education’.

The first time the photograph was not varnished in a good way I believe and therefore become too dark.
According to Hans, he has better control of the technique, and that is clear when you look at the beautiful portraits of his colleagues and others.
One photo has been nominated for the National Portrait Prize last year!

However, a great occasion to catch up again and always fun to be photographed in wet plate.

Filmed with my iPhone.