Footsteps of Van Gogh

A Pair of Shoes

A Pair of Shoes from Hans de Kort on Vimeo.

philosopher Martin Heidegger about “A Pair of Shoes” by Vincent van Goght:

“From the dark opening of the worn insides of the shoes the toilsome tread of the worker stares forth. In the stiffly rugged heaviness of the shoes there is the accumulated tenacity of her slow trudge through the far-spreading and ever-uniform furrows of the field swept by a raw wind. On the leather lie the dampness and richness of the soil. Under the soles slides the loneliness of the field-path as evening falls. In the shoes vibrate the silent call of the earth, its quiet gift of the ripening grain and its unexplained self-refusal in the fallow desolation of the wintry field.”

Final rinse at the Collse Watermill at Neunen

Final rinse at the Collse Watermill

Geplaatst door Hans de Kort op donderdag 14 juli 2016

Final rinse at the Collse Watermill at Neunen for the “Footsteps of Van Gogh” project